Copy Writing

Abacus' web copywriting services run the gamut.

What’s Included in Our Copywriting Services?

Name any type of copywriting service you can think of — we do it. From blog posts, social media content and email copy to landing page copy, white papers and eBooks, Abacus’ web copywriting services run the gamut. We create top-of-sales-funnel articles that build brand awareness and improve visibility for search engines, mid-funnel assets that nurture leads and bottom-of-funnel collateral focused on turning leads into customers.

Types of Copywriting

Business Writing Services

Whether you’re seeking web copywriting for your blog (e.g. SEO content), news-based articles on trending topics, educational evergreen content writing through leadership commentaries, product press releases or something else entirely, rest assured our expert copywriter can produce it quickly and competently, incorporating industry expertise along with proven content marketing strategy.

White Paper Writing Services

White papers establish your brand as a trustworthy thought leader in a specific industry. These high-quality, compelling content assets build credibility among your online audience by demonstrating expertise, all while providing excellent lead generation opportunities through downloads from potential customers. We will work with you to determine the topics that resonate most with your target audience.

eBook Writing Services

Your Abacus copywriter, along with your graphic designer, will work to minimize text in favor of visual storytelling while still ensuring the editorial component of your eBook is clear, comprehensive and valuable. Each sentence is written to be concise while maximizing impact for your target audience, The balance between useful information and the easily digestible format makes eBooks premier middle-of-funnel content marketing materials.

outsource your copywriting needs.

Choosing a Top-Notch Copywriting Team

You’re most likely a busy person, and creating strategic content takes time. If you’re looking to persuade your audience to accomplish a call to action or complete a specific task, then find a team that you can partner with to make it happen.