Digital Business Cards

Share contact details with a single tap

Say goodbye to paper-based business cards. Say hello to the exciting, sleek, and contemporary networking tools of the future!

Tap, Share & Connect!

Gone are the days of carrying a stack of business cards, where do you even put them?. Adding a digital business cards shows that you are in tune with the today’s digital age  

The Professional Way To Connect

Wow potential customers with a great first impression

Make a new connection in a tech-savvy way

Take control of your digital business profile and seamlessly direct traffic to your website

Elevate client experience and stand out from your competitors

One tap magic

Another benefit is that the Digital business card has a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone to swiftly collect information. Say goodbye to manually adding a person’s details from a physical business card. The beauty of having a dynamic QR code (instead of a static QR code) is that the details of your profile can be changed, without altering the QR code generated.

This solution is for you if you continually losing your paper-based business cards! Digital business profiles are like landing pages or mini websites that feature your most important information and links. You can simply share your unique business card link with anyone you would like to share your business card to via WhatsApp, email or social media.


Top Quality

Ugx 50k
  • Hosting Service
  • Premium Design and Set Up
  • High quality prints
  • Delivery


Highest Quality Digital Businss Cards

Hosting service included

Design and Set Up included

Premium prints included

Free Delivery included.


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